Fitness Mat - Otari

A design based on the Nvidia's Jetson nano carrier board, this board was designed to host a Jetson nano processor and adapt to the custom needs of size and position that our client needed

Automated tourniquet

A custom PCB design to save life on the battlefield, the automated tourniquet is designed to prevent bleeding in an extreme case scenario with the press of a button.


We changed how people wait for their doctor's appointment with this revolutionary smart ecosystem, where patients are given a personalized playlist that can linstem while waiting for their doctor's appointment, it is composed of three different devices each one with a specific task. The ecosystem consist on three main devices, the speakers in charge to play the music at request, the reader the one in charge read users specific folders, and register where a system administrator can add new playlist to the folders, this devices communicates through a server making this system totally wireless, and it is controlled by an Smartphone app developed specially for this application.


IO is a smart controller that can be used to control valve system, light system, or even air conditioner systems, it comes with four relay outputs and a touchscreen letting an user to fully program each output by time, or controlling them manually as they please. This system can be also controlled by an smartphone app or a web dashboard where it can be programmed from every place

Mobile Hotspot

Mobile hotspot is a prototype design where a small LTE wifi hotspot is developed on the size of a watch, this hotspot will provide wifi to the person using it by touch of a button, this hardware is android embedded and use the powerful SC20 processor from quectel an small processor and modem all combined in one power SoC, that fits perfectly on the space this design.

Academic PCB

A board for the next generation, the academic PCB is an educational board with multiple sensors, and was designed to become a platform where kids, can be introduce safely to the world of electronic programing, the board counts with multiple sensor that can be programed such as, several gas sensor to differentiate between gases, temperature sensors, buzzers, humidity sensors, current sensors and more, in only one board that let the user select by code what sensor to use, without the need of any physical conexions.

Battery System

A system that never will run out of power, is a dedicated board with multiple batteries and battery chargers that share only one output, this system can withstand eight different batteries and charge them all, while taking power from just one of them. This board offers a solution to systems that running out of power is not an option, when the battery in use discharges to 20%, one of the charged backup battery replace the discharged one while the system recharge, the battery recently disconnected, this board fits perfectly on designs where the system is connected to an irregular source of energy such as wind powered system or solar systems where the energy they receive is not constant during the day.

Smart Shower

Monitoring system for water consumption, the system allows the consumption statistics to be monitored on a WEB, generating a valve closure control in case of exceeding the established limits.