We changed how people wait for their doctor's appointment with this revolutionary smart ecosystem, where patients are given a personalized playlist that can linstem while waiting for their doctor's appointment, it is composed of three different devices each one with a specific task. The ecosystem consist on three main devices, the speakers in charge to play the music at request, the reader the one in charge read users specific folders, and register where a system administrator can add new playlist to the folders, this devices communicates through a server making this system totally wireless, and it is controlled by an Smartphone app developed specially for this application.


IO is a smart controller that can be used to control valve system, light system, or even air conditioner systems, it comes with four relay outputs and a touchscreen letting an user to fully program each output by time, or controlling them manually as they please. This system can be also controlled by an smartphone app or a web dashboard where it can be programmed from every place


Android APP and website that allows you to control the production of Tenneco's plant lines, knowing the effectiveness of the employees in each line. The Android application and the website allow to know the downtimes, and carry out production statistics compared with the objectives established by the management. Through this application, the leaders of the production lines can maintain control over the company and the line operators, verifying their productivity, response time to failures, working hours and shift scheduling.

Bitcoin APP

Educational APP developed for Android and IOS, allows users to learn based on the topics, and take quizzes that will give them a badge once the quiz has been approved. The administrators can use a Dashboard WEB that will allow them to upload new material, manage quizzes and create the badges.