Social network for football fans, allows the exchange of information between members: news, images, videos, opinions and more. The social network is intended to connect people in the sports world, creating links through the use of the advanced search engine and based on the characteristics of interest of each member The WEB has an advanced search section, user interaction, newsletter, news blog, private messages, and all the tools that complement a social network. The administrator users have access to: complete visualization of the site, publish important information, monitor its operation and know the usage statistics. Since its launch, numerous members have registered, including acquaintances from the Colombian sports media.


Online store for Herbalife products, works with a payment platform in the Chilean country. The platform allows the administrator to upload new products and manage their sales through the administration section, generating invoices and managing pending shipments of each product purchased. The WEB has a blog, product portfolio, online payment, rating and payment gateways with the country's own regulations.


This is an ecommerce store for Sieteletras.com whose purpose is to donate scholarships and school supplies to children and young people of Venezuela and Equatorial Guinea through material and economic donations.


Page designed to collect donations. Self-administered, it allows showing information for different cities depending on the city in which the donation will be made.


APP WEB that allows administrators to upload constant information, videos, webinars, blogs, and give a modern interaction to young people allowing them to ask questions that will be responded by experts, finding old questions and different types of files.