Tech Development


On Orbittas we count the skills you need to make your idea a reality, with experience in the fields of IoT, Electronic control, Wireless communication, Intelligent devices, linux embedded system, power circuits, military and industrial equipment, we have done it all.

From the schematic to the mass production

On Orbittas we take care of all the phases of the development of a product, from the selection of the components, making sure all components are up to date and follow the tech trends around the globe.

Using schematic design softwares to create a custom hardware involving our clients into the schematic design with a final goal of a successful development.

PCB design comes hand to hand with the schematic base on it a custom printed circuit board can be designed, in this phase we make sure the project to meets the specifications in size, technology and final application


Microcontrollers, smartphone applications and more.

We are specialized in several languages coming from the more advanced and high level program languages to lowest level languages, in our skillset we have a variety of programming languages, that cover the most simpler solutions to the more complex and user oriented experiences

We work on several frameworks such as Node JS, for server application and development, and flutter based on Dart to develop our smart applications.

On the industrial background we have experience in several PLC programming languages such as OMRON, Schneider Electric and SIEMENS.

App & Web

The digital era is here and we love to break down old barriers, working in a global matter. Helping our customers to create great customer experiences on theirs solutions, using methodologies that will help you to transform your organization in different levels.

We believe that changing the world starts in ourselves and needs to be made one step at the time.

We have a strong team of engineers, designers and management to succeed in all our projects.


Our mechanical engineers are in line to choose the right materials, design according to special features, our portfolio of designs are vast on this kind of development, we think in space, size, temperature and exposition to the environment.

We have experience in water resistant cases, thermal resistant cases, military grade designs for life saving purpose, and even medical and agricultural designs

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